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Reviving Bricks

If I inherited a dilapidated mansion, I would make it beautiful.  I would fill it with delightful sights, sounds and smells so that guests would feel special and loved at every turn, all day long.

I would invite women who have been rescued from the sex industry to come and stay for a few days.  I would listen to their stories, let them be heard.

I would invite young people grappling with the meaning of life to gather, share and learn.

I would invite the weary to rest awhile with Jesus.  I would greet them with a steak, and a salad from the garden.  I would pamper them with fancy coffee and one of my famous chocolate Grand Marnier cupcakes.

I would add a large, grassy, tree-lined dog run attached to a large, comfy, couch-lined sunroom so people could bring their friends.

I would cook all day in a glorious kitchen and I would be blessed.


3 thoughts on “Reviving Bricks

  1. I too wanted to restore a lovely old Home In Riverside, CA. The wood was red cedar, so not varmints did I expect. However the cost was high, the rendering of repair, did not match my eye. The house was not built on the right foundation, and to the reluctant Baptist, I must agree, the ROCK we live one, is to the best degree, the most solid foundation and it is FREE!


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