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Greeting with Gusto

I went to church today because I was on greeter duty.  The hub says I’m a great little greeter.  My gift is teaching, but since I am a woman in a Baptist church, I greet.  With gusto.

I shake every hand, no matter how young and small.  I stoop down to look into the eyes of every bright little face that comes through the doors, so each one will know that he/she is seen.

Early this morning, before most of the church started to arrive, a young girl sat in the foyer in a wing-backed chair.  She was flipping through a Bible that she was barely old enough to read.  After a few minutes she closed it and put it on the table next to her.  I smiled and told her that God loves seeing her read the Bible.  I told her that every time she reads it her heart and her mind will grow bigger and stronger and more full of God’s love.  She took it off the table and opened it back up again.  That was enough teaching for today.

Come back tomorrow morning for some grown-up teaching that will blow your Bible-loving mind.


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