And the Babies Lived!


It wasn’t me, it was Solomon.  He was a genius at applying unorthodox wisdom to a sticky situation.  Remember the two prostitutes who stood before him, both insisting the live baby was hers? Back and forth they went until finally Solomon said, “Cut the child in two and give half to one and half to the other.”

One said, “No!  Please don’t kill him! Give her the baby!”

The other said, “If I can’t have him, neither can she. Go ahead and cut him in two!”

Solomon knew exactly who the mother was.  And the baby lived.

Then there was Jochebed.  Life gave her way more than lemons, it gave her an order to throw her newborn son into the Nile.  She obeyed, sort of.  Instead of throwing her boy into the Nile, she weaved a basket, waterproofed it and set him afloat.  She applied unorthodox faith to her gut-wrenching situation.  Faith in the belief that there must be a divine purpose for such a fine child.  Faith in God’s ability to keep him safely afloat.  Faith in God’s unseen course.  And the baby lived.  Boy, did he live.

The ultimate problem solver, of course, is God.  Isaiah 59 paints a pretty grim picture of the state of affairs.  But in chapter 60, verse 1, a new day dawns.  “Arise, shine, for your light has come.”  The Light of the World stepped into our dark, stumbling, grasping, clueless world to see what was going on; to walk a mile or two in our uncomfortable shoes.  He applied unorthodox Love to the stickiest, sourest situation of all so that we all could live.  Eternally.  And that’s pretty sweet.


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