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Summer See Food

These photos are for you, iChristian.

This is my cherry salsa:


I serve it with grilled pork tenderloin:


It’s one of my favorite summer dishes.

One morning, not too long ago, I tossed fresh fruit with a bit of limoncello and ate it for breakfast:


But first I whipped some cream:


It isn’t exactly a baptist breakfast but fruit doused in limoncello is really, really good.

This avocado salad is the perfect lunch after a workout:


Yes, I use Chinet instead of a proper plate. Unless I have company. Who wants to do dishes in the summer, after a workout?

Sometimes the hub and I have a healthy, colorful fruit salad for dinner:


Or sautéed veggies from the garden:


Served with chicken kabobs:


See how I used garlic scapes as skewers?  I’m pretty brilliant that way.

For dessert, brownies made with chocolate olive oil instead of butter in keeping with my healthy eating theme:


I turned one over for you so you can see the toasted hazelnuts baked into the bottom.

You’ll probably want a close-up of that:


You might want a scoop of organic vanilla bean ice cream, too:


Bon appétit!


10 thoughts on “Summer See Food

  1. Wow, these photos are fantastic and the food looks simply delicious!! 🙂
    I love this post, thank you so much for spending time putting this post together so i could join you at your table and see some of your amazing food! I agree with the other comment and i’m feeling really hungry too! 😀


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  3. This all looks amazing. I have eaten enough salads this summer that I should be sprouting lettuce out of my ears! But, I still can’t get enough, so I might have to steal some of your ideas. Yummy!

    Liked by 1 person

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