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Cry, Cry, Cry

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I sat down to compare grace and tolerance today, but hay fever has given me a headache and a fuzzy brain so I think I’ll just answer the Daily Post’s question and call it a day.  The question is a good one:

Do movies, songs, or other forms of artistic expression easily make you cry?

The answer is yes, yes, and yes.

Watching stunning Olympic ice skating routines has, on many occasions, brought me to tears and to the declaration, “God, you are an amazing athlete!”

Spectacular skies at sunset may not actually bring me to tears, but they do cause me to whisper, “Wow, God, you are quite the artist!”  Bryce Canyon did, too. Ballads, operas and classical music have brought both tears and a whisper.

I still cry – and I mean really cry – every time I watch “To Sir With Love.”  There have been so many good movie cries over the years – “Love Story” and “Brian’s Song” among them.

My most epic movie cry occurred during “The Joy Luck Club.”  My sister and I went to see it together and there we sat huddled in the dark theater sobbing.  Sobbing.  They weren’t the usual movie theater tears that stream down your cheeks and are not revealed until you exit the theater with streaked mascara.  We were audibly sobbing.  Which is why we were huddled, trying to guard the other movie goers from sobs we could not control.

I know I am forgetting some real cry-worthy movies so help me out.  Which ones brought your best or most intense cries?

When I was in high school, I babysat for the neighbor children every Wednesday night.  Their parents were in a bowling league.  Every Wednesday night we watched “Little House on the Prairie” before I put them to bed.  And every Wednesday night I cried at the end.  And when I did, the younger of the two girls always stood beside me and put her hand sweetly on my shoulder.

I have to be selective about which funerals I attend, because even if I didn’t know the deceased well, or at all, I start sobbing the minute I see the anguished faces of his or her loved ones.  I feel their grief as if it were my own and I cannot stop myself from expressing it as if it were my own.  It can be a bit embarrassing.

So can Hallmark commercial crying, especially when you’re pregnant.

I’ll gladly suffer the embarrassment, though, and thank God for my tender heart.


5 thoughts on “Cry, Cry, Cry

  1. The one movie I have seen in which I could not stop sobbing uncontrollably, to this day I cannot bear it without breaking down completely! No not once.
    It is the only movie I’ve seen that’s gets harder to watch every single time, I have had to stop trying.
    He was brave and courageous enough to bear it for us all, we must bear witness even if be just a man’s depiction, one viewing leaves an imprint etched deeply in wet cement.



    • I agree, that is a very powerful movie and a very powerful scene! I closed my eyes and plugged my ears during that scene when I saw the movie. I don’t think I can watch it now, either. Part of me thinks that since He endured it, the least I can do is watch, but I just cannot bear to watch cruelty, which is why I have never seen Schindler’s List. I love true stories about great people and great acts of courage, but I know that parts of it would be too much for me. I leave the room whenever my husband is watching a movie in which someone is being hit or beaten – even if it’s only an old spaghetti western.


  2. I had been channel surfing and came across the middle of this scene and got stuck right there, almost catatonic…I began to hyper-ventilate and was instantly caught in the grip of a massive anxiety attack. I didn’t want to fall asleep in the garden, I wanted to keep vigil and endure in obedience but it was beyond what I could muster. I was no longer watching the scene but felt as though the scene was watching and testing me. My wife was awakened by my inconsolable cries took one look at the screen and looked away and understood why. She rocked me in her arms as mother would a child…till I could catch my breath once again. have not tried to watch again since then. My heart was in pain…deep, deep pain.


  3. gloriad54 says:

    “Dances With Wolves” is the movie that always gets to my heart — at the end, with the wolf howling and the Indian on the mountain proclaiming his friendship. I had to stop watching “So You Think You Can Dance” because some of the routines were so incredibly beautiful they sometimes moved me to tears — and then would be drowned out by that Mary person screaming and of course the commercials. Beautiful post. Thank You.


    • Thank you Gloria,
      “Dances With Wolves” is another great movie. I haven’t seen “So You Think You Can Dance” so I don’t know the Mary person, but I can imagine. Too bad there isn’t a way to mute the voices but not the music!


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