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It’s Not My Story

It’s not what I would want people to know about me, it’s what I would want them to know about God.

I would tell them that He knows them, He loves them and He is near enough to help them.

I would tell them about the gift He gave my sister.  After the surgery to remove as much of the stage four cancer that could be removed, after everyone left her bedside and she was alone in her hospital room, suddenly gripped with overwhelming fear, He gave her peace.   Palpable peace that continues to sustain her on the toughest days of her battle.

If they were interested I might tell them about the time He sent an angel in a red sports car to simultaneously rescue me and a couple living in another state.

If I thought someone in the room needed to hear it, I would tell about the time I was falsely accused by a co-worker.  I would tell how I trusted Him when He told me to remain silent, like a lamb before its shearer, while He revealed the truth.  I would tell how brilliantly He undertook for me.

If there was a newly single mom in the room, I would share a few of the many ways He provided for me after my first husband abandoned us, leaving me to rear our two year old daughter alone on a non-profit ministry salary.  I would for sure tell the David and Goliath story of how He helped me overcome a formidable foe.

And I will tell you, dear reader, that no matter what is breaking your precious heart, no matter what is causing you fear or dread, no matter what you face today, He sees you, He knows you, He loves you.  And He is near enough to help you.


7 thoughts on “It’s Not My Story

  1. It may seem cliche to say this – but this post, or more importantly your assurance of God seeing and loving me, spoke straight to my heart just now – right when I most needed it. A small story – but a significant answer to prayers prayed for me by two dear friends just an hour ago. Thank you.


  2. And I would tell the parents in the room who just buried their child about His compassion and love. I’d tell them about how He can and will heal our broken hearts if we let Him. How He brought new friends into my life to help me through the death of our son.

    As you clearly know, our story is not what matters. His story matters. His story and how He helps us live and love as we walk through our stories. How He is the main character in our story as we serve Him.

    Thank you for reminding me of that.


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