Backyard News


There has been a major bird convention going on in my backyard for the last hour  – excited, frantic twitter and tweets coming at me from all directions.  Big, important things being discussed.

My raspberry bushes are producing like crazy:


Raspberry and white chocolate scones yesterday, about to make raspberry Grand Marnier sauce and jam out of today’s harvest.

And then there is this:


My camera didn’t capture the glistening web very well but picture shimmering sunlight.


What’s going on in your backyard today?


6 thoughts on “Backyard News

    • Very cool. I’ve hiked portions of the Trail in North Carolina and Tennessee. Have you read the book Hiking Through by Paul Stutzman? I thought it gave an interesting glimpse of just how difficult it is to hike the whole thing.


      • I have not read that book–I probably should. We get so many hikers in this little town, many stay with me so it seems I’ve heard all about the trail…so many stories. I especially like the story behind their trail names. I have a guest book full of them. Great stuff.

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