Accuracy Might Be Too Much to Ask


Every Thursday morning I go to a Bible study at a church that is of a different denomination than mine.  Ordinarily it is very refreshing.

But yesterday, during the video teaching segment, I started to look up some words.  The popular Bible teacher, whom I like a lot don’t-get-me-wrong, suggested we look up the original Greek word for “revealed”.  She was teaching on 2 Thessalonians 2.

I’m sure she meant for us to look it up some other time, but since I had my iPhone handy I looked it up right then and there.  And then I kept looking.  And when I did, I discovered some things.

I discovered that the original words shed a new and interesting light on the passage.  I had always assumed the “man of lawlessness” was one evil man but perhaps the Scripture is referring to a whole movement of deceptive, destructive people.

I thought it was worth pondering and investigating further, so when the video was over I said, “Hey guys, you might want to take a look at those verses using the Blue Letter Bible’s Interlinear tool because it looks like they might refer to a group of people rather than to one man.”

You would have thought I said, “There is no God,” based on the way the women looked at me, packed up their Bibles, put on their coats and left without saying a word.  Not even a polite yet insincere, “That’s interesting” or “I’ll have to look into that.”

So now I am wondering this:  Do people go to Bible study to actually study the Bible, or do they go to have what they have already been taught – which may or may not be accurate – regurgitated and affirmed?

Do they go to have a bit of spoon-fed Scripture with their fork-fed pie?

If so, can you trust a big name Bible teacher to be your sole source of nutrition?  If her study of the Scriptures reveals something other than the commonly held understanding of the scholars, would her publisher allow it?  Would she be brave enough to share it?

Jesus kept Himself beholden to no one but His Father.  He kept Himself free to tell it like it is and let those who have ears hear.

Anyone else frustrated by this or am I just a Bible study freak?


11 thoughts on “Accuracy Might Be Too Much to Ask

  1. Sweet sister, I wish I could have been at your table when you said what you did. 🙂 I would have spoken up in agreement; I think there is much validity to your interpretation; it is rather sad that so many people don’t put on their “thinking caps” before going to a bible study. Many people do not have their own faith, but rather believe what they were taught–it’s comfortable really. And they DO look for other people to affirm what they believe. It is people like you, God bless you, that upset the “apple cart”. Even though none of the women said anything to agree or disagree with your questioning of their doctrine; they cannot unhear it now; they can attempt to “sweep it under the rug” for a while, but that question will come back up, and they will eventually have to deal with it.

    In my opinion, anyone can be “anti-christ”, just as anyone can be “christ”. One has the potential to live in a way that reflects Christ through Word and deed, or be the antithesis of what Scripture has revealed about Him. So yes, the Anti-Christ could definitely be a group of people.

    Blessings and Shalom,

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  2. anetac says:

    Hi there! I’m coming to you from the NaBloPoMo site and thought I’d jump in and say ‘hi’! I think what you are doing is wise. I listen, but I question, too. Keep asking the questions and keep researching. That’s how we find the truth, right?

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  3. I call that “Scratch and Sniff Theology.” Just looking at the surface gets us nowhere. I want to dig deep, get down and dirty with it, because truly, I have no one to blame if in the end I know nothing. God does not want to hear me say, “no one told me.” He says, “search for me.”

    Bless you for searching. We need more of that here.

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