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The Question


Today’s Daily Prompt inspired me to share a bit of my heart, by heart.  Here’s the question:   You’re asked to recite a poem (or song lyrics) from memory — what’s the first one that comes to mind?

The answer is The Question by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues.  Here’s a portion:

It’s not the way that you say it
When you do those things to me
It’s more the way that you mean it
When you tell me what will be
And when you stop and think about it
You won’t believe it’s true
That all the love you’ve been giving
Has all been meant for you

I’m looking for someone to change my life
I’m looking for a miracle in my life
And if you could see what it’s done to me
To lose the love I knew
Could safely lead me through

Toward the middle of my freshman year of college I started to date a wrestler.  He was smart, caring, interesting and very physically fit.  I will be forever indebted to him for teaching me the proper way to lift weights.  He was a year older than me so he graduated a year earlier.  Toward the end of his senior year we started to talk about getting married.  He had thick, blond, curly hair, and I was really looking forward to having a bunch of curly-headed kids. He also had a seriously insane mother but I did not really feel the effects of her antics because she lived in another state.  When he graduated and moved home she became a bigger factor in our relationship.  She did not think I was good enough for her first born golden boy.  So she bribed him.  She offered him a car, a condo and law school in exchange for dumping me.  He took the loot.  Whatever.  After several months he had a change of heart and we tried it again but my heart had moved on.  I wanted something better.  I was looking for someone to change my life.  I was looking for a miracle in my life. Those lyrics from The Question kept playing in my head.  God was calling me and Wrestlerboy’s increasingly crude humor was becoming less and less amusing.  So I left.  And for the first time in my life I seemed to be wandering aimlessly.

Then God revealed Himself to me in a glorious and unforgettable way.

He proceeded to give my life purpose and direction.  He began to give expression to the gifts and talents He had given me.  And all these years later He is still the Miracle in my life.


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