Will Lion, Creative Commons

Will Lion, Creative Commons

They say it’s lonely at the top, but I say it’s lonelier three-quarters of the way to the top.

When you are clearly awesome, you get a lot of attention, a lot of praise.  You also get some hanger-on-ers and you risk being exploited but we’re not talking about that right now.

When you are lame, you get a lot of encouragement, a lot of “good jobs”  because you clearly need them.

But those of us who live in Aboveaverageville get nothin’.

We aren’t amazing enough for anyone to bank on, and we aren’t lame enough to pose no threat.  When you are above average, you are just out of reach.  Your talent/brains/whatever is just slightly greater than that of your average friend/family member/co-worker.  In their minds, there exists the possibility that one day you can be overtaken on the journey to the head of the class.  So no one dares praise you or encourage you in any way, lest the encouragement propel you just a bit further out of reach.  And your fellow residents of Aboveaverageville sure aren’t going to praise or encourage you lest you move to a better town.

But I say be awesome.  Encourage your above average friend/family member/co-worker today.

P.S.  I’m talking about my personal life here.  Everyone has been real nice and encouraging in Bloggerville.  Oh, wait, uh oh.


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