Pushing the Controversial Envelope

Eden Brackstone, Creative Commons

Eden Brackstone, Creative Commons

Last week the Blogher daily prompt asked for our most controversial posts.  Today the WordPress Daily Post wants to know when we’ve pushed the envelope.  The answer to both is not yet, but soon.

Soon I’ll be pushing my personal boundaries into the publishing process.  I’m not sure this old dog has it in her to learn a big new trick, but here I go.

I started blogging to float some of my book’s controversial concepts out there.  Not so much in posts, but in comments on the posts of others.  I wanted to know whether the baptists could handle it.  Some of them couldn’t.  But things must be said.

So come January I’m going full steam ahead.  The most controversial concepts, which I haven’t dared to share anywhere yet, will be presented in about chapter 6 of the book.   We’ll see if any baptist heads explode.



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