And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

I just moved the turkeys from their salt baths to their dry chill and now I’m taking a break from the cooking marathon to fulfill my NaBloPoMo pledge.  Things didn’t go exactly as planned today.  The hub came home from work Monday evening saying, “I feel kind of achy.”  Then he stayed home Tuesday and slept eighteen hours.  Stomach flu.

He rejoined the land of the living this morning but he was still feeling a bit weak.  So when he asked me if I wanted to watch “Life of Pi” with him, I couldn’t say no.  So there we sat, watching a movie and drinking coffee when I had a million things to do.  But the hub is more important than a million things to do.  And the movie was interesting.  I am Thankful that he is much better tonight and should be good as new by tomorrow.


At 5:00 – rush hour – I realized that I hadn’t assigned a relish tray to anyone.  So my daughter and I rushed over to Whole Foods to grab relishes and cheeses for a cheese tray.  Oh, and I better make scotch-a-roos for the gluten sensitive sisters.  Since they can’t have pie.  Scotch-a-roos.  A total blast from the past might be fun.

Everyone at Whole Foods was well behaved – in the parking lot and in the store.  But since they don’t sell butterscotch chips, we had to make another stop.  At a store close to home.  In my ambitious/aggressive town where people are not well-behaved.  We ran in for the chips and when we came out we heard a car honking, and then another, and then a chorus of horns tooting and blaring.  Must have been a jam up at the other end of the parking lot.  I am Thankful that one day we will retire to a quieter, gentler place.

I don’t want to sit too long or I might not get back up.  And those scotch-a-roos aren’t going to make themselves.  Then there are the tables to set…

Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!


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