Scarf from Heaven


I may be watching too many Hallmark Christmas movies – each with its predictable pattern and concluding kiss – hence I went to bed last night remembering my own Christmas romance.

My husband and I had our first date right around Christmas. It was a cold, cold night, windchill factor of 20 below. If he hadn’t already bought tickets to the event and if it hadn’t been our first date, I might have suggested we do something warmer.

It was a magical setting. A little village nearby was celebrating “Holiday Nights” and the scene was right out of Dickens. Street lamps aglow, chestnuts roasting on corners here and there. Some of the village houses were open, with fires roaring. We took shelter from the cold at every opportunity. Town Hall was offering free cocoa, cookies and a Christmas Carol sing along.

It was a great first date. Even the extreme cold – which forced us to huddle together – added to the perfection of the evening.

But the most remarkable thing – the story we still sometimes tell – was the scarf from heaven.

It happened as we were walking along a stretch of the village that hugged the river, away from the shelter of the houses. The cold was biting my nose and stinging my ears.  And while the words, “I wish I had a scarf” were still forming a warm white vapor in the frosty air, there on the path before us appeared a beautiful cashmere scarf.

I looked around to see who might have dropped it, but there was no one in sight. There were very, very few in attendance at the event. Too cold for those who were not basking in the warmth of potential new love.

I put the scarf on feeling exactly like it had been dropped from heaven just for me, like God had made a cameo appearance on our date.

At the end of the evening I left the scarf with one of the event organizers, who was stationed at the exit, hoping it would be reunited with its owner.

My story of Christmas romance doesn’t have all the elements of a Hallmark movie – being a first date I’m pretty sure it ended with a cup of tea rather than a kiss – but the memory of it was a pleasant way to drift into sleep.

Do you have a Hallmark Christmas story?


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