How Christmas Stole the Grinch

Sarah_Ackerman, Creative Commons

Sarah_Ackerman, Creative Commons

I’ve always thought mine would be a better title for the good doctor’s classic because, in the end, Christmas won.  Christmas stole the Grinch.

Christmas won by not letting a sourpuss spoil it.

I’ve mentioned before that I live in an ambitious/aggressive town.  It’s brutal out there.  But I am not going to let any sourpusses spoil my Christmas shopping.  I’m going out there armed and ready.  I’m going to steal some grinches.

I have in my purse three $5 Starbucks gift cards.   Any time I encounter someone who is stressed, crabby or grinchy I am going to whip one out, hand it to him/her and say, “Merry Christmas, you look like you could use a break.”

I did this last year with ten gift cards.  I ended up giving out none.  Maybe it’s like when you take an umbrella with you, it doesn’t rain.  I ended up treating myself to ten coffees.   This year I might give any unused cards to Salvation Army bell ringers.  They could probably use a hot cup of joe.

Either way I’m ready.  So go ahead, grinches, make my day!


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