‘Tis the Season to be Kind to Your Barista


Yesterday I told you that I am handing out Starbucks love to grinches this Christmas shopping season.  Upon reading the post (or, more accurately, upon being forced to listen to the post) my daughter, a former barista, said, “As long as they don’t order their drinks at 190 degrees, or with no foam or with extra, extra caramel or a quarter pump of syrup.”

So perhaps it needs to be said:  It’s Christmas, that magical time when peace on earth, good will toward men twinkles in the air.  So be kind to your barista.

Your coffee doesn’t need to be 190 degrees.  It’s Christmas, one hundred and fifty degrees is hot enough.  You can be a high maintenance coffee connoisseur in January.

When you ask for extra caramel in a drink that does not contain caramel, you will be charged for the “extra”.  That’s how it works.  If the drink is made with caramel, you can have as much extra as your coffee drinking heart desires, no charge.  If it doesn’t you have to pay for it.  Don’t argue, don’t complain.  Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la, la.

If you really want to spread some Christmas cheer, just this month, ORDER OFF THE MENU.  Enjoy your tall vanilla latte exactly as it was intended – with three pumps of vanilla syrup, one shot of espresso and a little bit of inevitable foam, served at one-hundred and fifty degrees.

This should go without saying, but it doesn’t:  Don’t be a BOGO bozo.  Buy one get one free seasonal drinks does not mean you can order 2 venti peppermint mochas without the peppermint or two venti gingerbread lattes without the gingerbread.  ‘Cuz that’s cheating.  Be kind to your barista and be an honest citizen, too.

And finally, be kind to yourself.  A venti salted caramel mocha (or as my daughter calls it, “diabetes in a cup”) is made with ten pumps of syrup.  It will eventually kill you.  The more you know…


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