I Can, But Should I?

I’ve learned a thing or two about blogging.  In mid-October my reader was abuzz with NaBloPoMo this and NaBloPoMo that.  So I googled it.

What’s this?  Find the true meaning of blogging.  Win money, money, money.  Spectacular, supercolossal, web-wide write and display event.

Post every day in the month of November? It sounded kind of fun – challenging and full of camaraderie.  So I took the challenge and emerged victorious.  Thirty posts in thirty days.

I learned that I can.  But should I?

I learned that posting every day, whether I have something brilliant to say or not, brings me dangerously close to boring you, boring myself, disclosing too much and posting pictures of my dining room wall.  More than dangerously close.

So I ask myself and I ask you:  Does absence make the blogging heart grow fonder?

Perhaps, but I did have more visits and views in November than any of my previous four months of blogging.  Natural progression, camaraderie, exposure on BlogHer?  Not sure.

I learned that there is life – vibrant, teeming life – beyond WordPress.

BlogHer, blogger, blogspot, etc., etc.  I also learned that it isn’t Kansas.  Here’s what I mean:

A non-WordPress blogger came over from NaBloPoMo and liked one of my posts.  She even commented on it.  So I reciprocated and read one of her posts.  I liked it so I liked it.  I didn’t follow her back right away, though, because I’m not easy.  A person has to prove they are really following me before I’ll follow them back.

She liked some more, she commented some more, so I followed her.  Then I tried to comment on one of her posts.  It didn’t take.  I jumped through all the commenting on non-WordPress hoops, tried a few more times then gave up.  I commented on other non-WordPress blogs with success.  Tried commenting on a few more of her posts.  No go.  Wait, is she blocking me?  Is she afraid to be seen with a Baptist on her blog?

I learned that I am pettier than I thought I was.

I unfollowed her.  Hey, if she doesn’t want to hear what I have to say then maybe I don’t want to hear what she has to say.  My first lesson in cyber rejection.

I learned a blogging heart can be broken in other ways, too.

Like when you follow someone and start to care about their life and then they suddenly stop blogging because of a personal crisis.  Or you miss someone who is moving and too busy to post, or pregnant and too nauseous to sit at her computer….

I haven’t learned this one yet, but I am wondering whether an INFJ should blog at all.  Considering only 1% of the population shares my personality type, will anyone get me?  Wait, I’m answering myself as I type.  1% will get me.  I’m blogging for you my fellow 1%ers.

I am learning that it is difficult to weave Christmas into every December daily prompt (my own personal DecBloPo challenge), but I’m sure you smarty pants caught the Christmas hidden in this post.  Wait a minute…. this could be brilliant…  An advent posting calendar … post every day from Dec. first to the twenty-fifth…find the true meaning of blogging…win money, money, money…..

Hark, the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn King…



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