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Today, But Better

Adam Knight

There is a woman, whom I have not met, who had an encounter with a deer down in the poorest county of Virginia.  She has two young boys, a badly damaged van and an empty bank account.  In a little while I am going to put $5 in a Christmas card, mail it to her and hope others do the same.

But if it were a fancier day, I would contact a dealership near her and have a brand new van – one with all the best safety features – delivered to her door.

This afternoon I am making cookies for an inner city tutoring program’s Christmas party.  I am going to use my late mother-in-law’s award-winning sugar cookie recipe.  I’ll use my best organic ingredients.  And then I’ll decorate them with kid-pleasing Christmas whimsy.

But if it were a fancy day, I would also order trays of delicious, nutritious food for their party.  And I would send them each home with a box of healthy, organic snacks.  I would order a commercial refrigerator for the community center and stock it with fresh, organic produce.  And the pantry with organic, non BPA-lined canned goods.  I’d order good food for their school, too.

After I bake the cookies, I am going to do some online Christmas shopping for the hub.  I’m going to buy fishing lures and special line-cutting scissors.

But if it were a fancy day, I would order him a new bass boat.  The one he has had his eye on.  The one we sit in every year at the boat show.  Maybe I’d buy him a lodge (us a lodge) on a lake to go with it and a pontoon boat, too.  So we could invite the weary to come rest.  He works really hard.

I’ll end today reading about your fancy day.  And I will wish you lots of likes and comments and community.  So you will know how brilliant and loved you are.


9 thoughts on “Today, But Better

  1. I will mention how brilliant you are so I never regret this comment and you never delete it either 🙂 Your today’s are perfect, you’re so kind with everybody! If you had all the money, patience and time to make them the “even better” version… then wow! 😀


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