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Welcome Christmas! Come this Way!

I was sitting around waiting for Christmas Spirit to arrive because it just didn’t feel right this year.  Perhaps it’s where we live.  This ambitious/aggressive town might be sucking the Spirit right out of the air.

When my daughter said she wasn’t feeling it either, I realized that passively waiting will not do.  This town might be sucking Christmas magic from the air, but this house isn’t going to.

So Sunday night we loaded the friends into the car, turned the radio to Christmas music and went in search of lights.  There is a house not too far away that does it up BIG.  So we went there.  A church nearby was doing a drive through live nativity.  So we headed there.  The little one loved the sheep, goat, donkeys and cow.  She went nuts for the alpaca – wagging her tail, licking her lips.  Apparently alpacas look delicious to beagles.

It was fun to do something out of the ordinary and include our friends.  “We’re making memories,”  I said.

For most of my daughter’s life we have attended an always wonderful production of A Christmas Carol.  We didn’t go this year.  That, she said, is what ushers in the Spirit for her.

So back at home I made cocoa and we watched A Muppet Christmas Carol.  Maybe that’s what was missing. It definitely helped.

Monday I turned on Christmas music, lit the Christmas tree and set the table in the dining room.  My people came home from their long days to carols, lights and special.

Wednesday night I made cookies for some kids.


They didn’t turn out exactly as I had envisioned them, but they’re kind of whimsical, right?

Yesterday I took them to church and assembled them on platters with a friend who is Christmas Spirit year ‘round.  She is larger than life, the Spirit of Christmas present – “Come and know me better, maan.”  She was hosting a party for the kids in her tutoring program.  Helping her definitely helped.

Last night my daughter went to decorate her friend’s tree – an annual tradition they’ve had since they were in middle school. That helped.

I went Christmas shopping with the hubster.  Well, kind of with him.  After the first store we went our separate ways.  Shopping in the outdoor mall, walking from store to store in the dark, crisp air felt like Christmas.

Tomorrow we are going to a matinee – an original production written by a local father/daughter team – with lunch at a posh restaurant first.  Perhaps a new family tradition.  I think that will definitely help.

Monday we will visit my husband’s uncle in the nursing home an hour away.  And take his sister and her husband out to breakfast.  Visiting family will help.  Showing kindness will help, help, help.

I can’t just wait for Christmas.  I have to welcome it.  I have to usher it in by making everything beautiful and sparkly, by baking and belting out Christmas carols, lighting the lights, attending concerts and plays, helping others and doing a little something special each day.

Fah who for-aze! Dah who dor-aze!
Welcome Christmas! Come this way!

Tonight we’re having soup.  But when my people get home there will be candles dancing on the kitchen windowsill.  There will be wrapped presents under the tree – just to add to the anticipation – and music will be playing… and I cannot wait for Christmas!


14 thoughts on “Welcome Christmas! Come this Way!

  1. Funny, I just wrote a post about looking for Christmas. It’s practically dead here where I live. I love the cookies by the way. It reminds of concoction we have in my native country. The same array of colours. are made of jelly-o?


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