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Because I Can

Kind thoughts would connect to instant blessings:

Driving down the road, I’d hear the sirens of an ambulance.  “Lord, whoever is in there or whoever is waiting for them needs Your help,”  I’d pray.  And all fear would immediately cease.  The patient and all concerned family would instantly know that it was going to be okay.  One way or another everything would be softly, tenderly okay.

The small child in the mall, just smacked by his mom for crying because it is 10 pm – well past his bedtime – and he is exhausted.  “Be kind, he’s tired,”  I’d think, and just like that her face would soften, she’d take him in her arms, apologize and say, “I know you are tired, sweetheart, let’s go home.”

Looking at my beautiful sister, her body so thin.  “Be well,” I’d whisper.  And all cancer would dissolve away as strength and health flood in.

Immediately upon publishing kind words, thoughtful, playful, profound, humorous sharing would ensue. Laughter and tears, hope and healing.  The comment indicator would flash, flash, flash and precious people would be heard and loved.

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6 thoughts on “Because I Can

  1. We can, I go tomorrow to the funeral of a friend’s son age 13 who committed suicide last Tuesday his younger kid sister found him, No magic just real love for real people I really love. He can’t come back, but I can and will go, to wrap an arm around a child I baptized and her parents!

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