Outsmarting a Madman

I was a child at the breakfast table the first time I rescued anyone.  I was eating my oatmeal as my dad recounted the dream he had the night before:  He spoke of being trapped in a cave by a tiger, and of how I rescued him.  My eyes were wide as I listened.  I rescued him?  On the one hand, it was a scary thought:  I was only a small child.  On the other hand, I was very proud and happy to have done it.  Perhaps that moment planted the seeds of my “protector” personality.

I’ve had a recurring dream these many years since then, though not recently.  The setting and the specific threat changes from dream to dream, but I am always with or near a group of strangers and there is always danger.  And in every scenario it is up to me to calm, disarm, and/or outsmart a madman.

So far we’ve all come out alive.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Daring Do.”


9 thoughts on “Outsmarting a Madman

    • Thanks a.g. When I was younger I would have found the words, “You are a mighty Spiritual warrior still in the making” an exciting and welcome honor. But now I am old enough, wise enough and aware of my limitations enough to find them n/a. On the other hand, God is not limited and if He can use a donkey, He can use any one of us, no matter how limited we are. In fact, it’s probably an awareness of our limits that makes us finally useful. I’m thinking Moses.


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