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Honest Abe

honorbound, Creative Commons

honorbound, Creative Commons

I was working in a factory.  It was the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college.  It was the kind of job that made me determined to finish school because, although I liked the people and the physical challenge of keeping up with the conveyor, I knew I would not be happy in that fluorescent, unchanging environment longterm.

My supervisor was a pleasant, laid-back mid-thirty-year-old.  I admired his easy-going yet professional way.  One of my co-workers remarked that he had grown his recent beard for his role as Lincoln in his church play.  Oh, he goes to church.

So the next time we chatted I mentioned that I was reading Out on a Limb.  He cheerfully, matter-of-factly, non-judgmentally replied, “It doesn’t say anything about other planets or reincarnation in the Bible.”

The Bible?  That got me thinking…..


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