A Hut and Some Cots

My husband and I have been talking about building our own little life-saving station and limiting its membership to two.  We don’t know exactly how it is going to look yet, but yesterday we skipped church and went to a fishing show.  As we wound through the many aisles, we came upon a group whose mission it is to take injured vets fishing.  Here’s why I quietly slid a card from their table as we walked past their booth:

About six months ago my husband and I decided to stop tithing to our church. We could no longer give to the “wow factor”, so each week we put our tithe into a designated savings account. By December we had accumulated a nice little amount.  It was time to give it away.

We gave a large year-end gift to each of the missionaries we support, and then we gave a large donation to the two para-church ministries with which we are affiliated.

And it felt GREAT.

As I slid the card from its holder, I realized that I have been – without thinking about it – on the lookout for other worthy ministries to support. Little huts with cots that are pulling people out of peril, healing them in some way, and restoring their dignity.    As we continued past the booth, it dawned on my husband why I had taken the card.  His silent fist bump brought a big smile to my heart.

Our little fist bumping partnership is going to be so much more thrilling than adorning a club.


11 thoughts on “A Hut and Some Cots

  1. More than a years ago we, too, stopped tithing to the church we had attended for seven years. Long story, but we ended up switching churches. Perhaps we had just seen too much….

    We now give half of our “tithe” to our church and the other half we save ti give as directed, not just out if habit.

    We have prayed and asked God to show us where to give, to bring people in need to us.

    It has been awesome to have that chunk of money to give every time we are asked! A mission trip here, some groceries there, spare cash to a couple in need.

    I think He wants His children to listen to His voice abd give as directed, not blindly to the place they go on Sundays often out of habit. This type of giving requires us to be more in tune with the Holy Spirit. It requires more discipline. It brings great rewards.


    • Exactly Kathleen! Being prayerfully involved with the Holy Spirit and one another is so much better than rote giving. Directly addressing an urgent need – with no overhead – is what makes giving fun. That’s why I think a church does it better than a government and an individual does it better than a church.

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  2. “It’s not “your” church…simple solution…think about it? It is “your” church because you have named it your church, what is The Holy Spirit saying to you…where is “HE” leading you? We don’t have a “church” we are “His” church whether congregated within a bldg. or ministering to a need right where we are…we are ever “His” church. Buildings man-made and doctrines of men have nothing whatsoever to do with it. This is what I restrained from, bit my tongue from responding to you just before Christmas…remember? You have the answer but you resist accepting it…not your church, simple really, if it were you would be at peace but you are not, you are in conflict with “that” church because it is not the “church” for you:)
    “Relinquish” what by your own admission is a reluctant walk within a denomination and follow JESUS. Jesus said to many “follow me” and you can, you’ve taken your first steps hand in hand with hub and of one accord, where two or more are gathered…C’mon T.R.B. Beloved Sister, you know this stuff better than I do? What’s holding you back?” a.g.
    Doug says it best here:


    • Semantics, a.g. I called it my church because it was quicker and easier than saying the church of which my husband and I are members.

      I have been following Jesus for over 30 years. During that time I have attended and/or have been a member of many different denominations. (If you read the comments under my trundle bed post you know that I started life as a Catholic.) But God kept drawing me back to the Baptists (though the church we attend no longer calls itself Baptist). I thought perhaps He sent me there to make a difference, to shine a little light from the inside. But now I think He sent me there to show me the need for the book He and I are writing.

      What’s holding me back? I could not relinquish until He released me – which He now has. But, my husband is in leadership so we will stay until his term is finished in May. Then we will get ourselves a hut and a few cots and I will fellowship with my fellow blogging believers.

      And then there will be the issue of what to rename my blog…. 🙂


    • I’m not sure what you are saying here, Doug, but if you are saying that a personal account from which we can draw as the Spirit leads is a better storehouse than a church budget from which chandeliers and climbing walls are purchased, then I agree!


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