Public Service Announcement: Sawdust

We didn’t really break the law, but we did almost get burned.

Attempted Photography, Creative Commons

Attempted Photography, Creative Commons

The hubster is installing hardwood flooring on the entire upper level of our house.  He is using a very hard wood and he is doing a beautiful job, bless his woodworking heart.

He worked on it all day Sunday and by Sunday evening the upstairs smelled like toasted sawdust.  “That hard wood must have really given his saw’s motor a workout,”  I thought each time I caught a whiff.

Monday morning it smelled more like a smoldering campfire.  “Shouldn’t that motor have cooled down by now?”  “Hey hub, shouldn’t that motor have cooled down by now?”

He didn’t seem too concerned.

A few hours later he came to show me the bag that catches the sawdust.  There was a hole burned in it.  The sawdust had been smoldering in it.  With all the lumber we have up there right now and with the furnace running constantly, drying out the air…. I shudder to think.

The hub put a brand new blade on his saw.  He’ll get the other one sharpened when he has a chance.

Now his cuts are cleaner and the sawdust is as cool as a cucumber.

Keep your blades sharp, dear reader, lest it all go up in smoke.

Oh, and you should probably empty the sawdust bag before you go to bed, too.   Just to be safe.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breaking the Law.”


© 2015, The Reluctant Baptist


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