Ode to Jesus

Ode to Jesus
Who gives direction to aimless wandering,
answers to curious wondering,
insight to ceaseless pondering.

Ode to Jesus
Who gives comfort to anguished weepers,
rest to weary sleepers,
Who is His brother’s keeper.

Ode to Jesus
Who holds feet to the fire,
proves satan a liar,
and rescues from the mire.

I’m no poet, but what the heck. Happy Valentine’s Day!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cupid’s Arrow.”


12 thoughts on “Ode to Jesus

    • Thanks Alan. I didn’t know they were usually reserved for the dead. I thought an ode was merely a poem that expresses strong feelings of love or respect for someone or something. Although I think someone did write an Ode to Death.


  1. I am here!!!
    British Dictionary definitions for ode
    1. a lyric poem, typically addressed to a particular subject, with lines of varying lengths and complex rhythms See also Horatian ode, Pindaric ode

    2. (formerly) a poem meant to be sung

    Word Origin

    C16: via French from Late Latin ōda, from Greek ōidē, from aeidein to sing


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