2B or Not 2B, Which is the Apartment?

Good Monday Morning.  I signed up for Writing 201:Poetry.  Not because I have aspirations of being a poet, but because I like the rhythm of words. Thought I might learn something.  So bear with me as I post my assignments.  And forgive me.

Today my assignment is to write about water in the form of a haiku using a simile.  Here goes:

Your holy presence
is like a gentle spring rain
on my barren soul.

Barren?  Weary?  sun-parched?  dry, cracked?  Decided on barren ‘cuz nothing grows without Him.  But it feels like that’s been said before in some way, shape or form.  I’m trying to think of an interesting, unusual liquid that I can try to liken to something.  Any ideas?

Or maybe you poet friends who are not in the course want to show me how its done…

This one, I fear, will sum up me and this course:

My logical mind
an impenetrable dam
blocks the poet’s flow.


8 thoughts on “2B or Not 2B, Which is the Apartment?

  1. I bravely signed up for writing 201 as well. I’m not a poet but I would like to walk and explore every avenue of creative writing to further hone my skills and who knows, I will discover something new about myself. Great haiku by the way.

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  2. Juliet Qoey says:

    Brilliant!! Between me and you, that’s the best Haiku I’ve read today. [shhhh… don’t tell anyone I said that ;-)] Keep them coming.


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