Families in a Fog

The Gift from Kensington on Vimeo.

Today’s elegy might seem somewhat gritty,
compared to yesterday’s concrete ditty.

Children reared on Sex and the City,
parents asleep, such a pity.

The video above, made to warn and convict,
vehemently dissed by iphone addicts.

Let’s please awake from our media giddy,
‘cuz I miss the days of prim and pretty.

You might critique this verse with a rhyme word not pretty,
Or even call me a prudish old bitty.

Today it was fog, elegy and metaphor. I think I included all three elements if you count the title.  (And if you watched the clip, add another metaphor.)

Happy Friday.


8 thoughts on “Families in a Fog

  1. P.S: My favourite line was the one about the children “reared on Sex and the City” when their parents were asleep. It sounds like such a sitcom moment, I’d hate (or perhaps even love) to see the aftermath of that…

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