Bless All Your Hearts


I read a blogger’s beautifully written ballad last night. As I read it, my heart swelled and ached with both melancholy and hope, all mingled together in a warm, tender glad-sad kind of way.

The tender love repeated in the refrain:

Wherever you are, wherever you go, you’ll always be loved. People love you, you know.

Against the loss summed up in one line:

They’d all gone before they saw her beauty unfurl.

The refrain drifted through my mind as I did my morning chores and it occurred to me:

Life mingles all kinds of lonely with all kinds of love.

My sister is coming over soon.  We are going to a farm to pick up some grass raised and finished beef.  The tagline on the farm’s sign is:  “You are what your meat eats.”  The farmer is a cordial young man who, along with his wife, is rearing two healthy, robust children.  It does my hope good to witness that kind of wholesomeness in this day and age.

Anyway, the farm is an hour and a half away by expressway, but I’m going to take the kinder, gentler back roads, which will make it an all day trip if we stop for lunch.  Plenty of time for my sister to share her lonely heart.

I pray God will fill my mouth with His blessed words.  He has already filled my heart.  And know it or not, He loves her so.


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