I was signing in at the office of a Christian school today on my way to talk to an assembly of eighth graders.  Security at that school is tight so while I waited for my bar-coded, time-sensitive nametag to print, I chatted with one of the administrators.  She said her daughter had heard my sixth grade presentation last year.

The woman shared that her daughter came home from school that day and enthusiastically told her all about what I had said.  Then her daughter covered her mouth and whispered, “But she said the s word.”  The mom asked, “What?”  The girl, mouth still covered, whispered “the s word”.  “What?”  “The s word.”  It took awhile but the woman finally figured out what her daughter was saying.

I told the woman that I used to refrain from using the s word with sixth graders.  Instead I would let them pick a word – like vegetables.  As in “Vegetables are only for marriage.”  Because, according to them, sex was too powerful a word for their little ears to hear.

But I stopped using substitute words because sex is not a bad word, and I don’t want the youngsters to get the idea that sex is bad.

Sex is good.  It was God’s idea.

As I walked into the adjoining office to hang up my coat, I overheard the administrator say to her colleague, “Sex is good, it was God’s idea!  I like that!  I’ve never heard anyone say that before.”

Sex is not “the nasty”.  It’s one of God’s greatest inventions.

In its proper time and place.

Just thought I’d mention it here in case you’ve never heard that before either.

Oh and the eighth graders were great.  We had a lot of fun, God had a lot to say and they were all very attentive.

Next Friday I talk to the seventh graders.  Say a prayer.


7 thoughts on “S-E-X

  1. What a fun and exciting ministry you have! About the S word? You’d b e surprised how many adults in counseling refrain from using it. “Intimacy” has become the adult euphemism for sex. I’ve told countless couples, “Look, God created sex. He provided all the appropriate parts and nerve endings to make it a completely enjoyable experience in it’s proper time and place. I mean, really, do you think that when God woke Adam out of that sound sleep, and looked over and saw Eve, do you really think he just yawned and went back to sleep? And I’ll bet they had a lot of fun figuring out how everything worked!”


    • Exactly. And I like your last sentence. That’s why I talk about the purpose and privilege of sex in my presentations and not the mechanics of it. If two sixteen year olds can figure it out in the back seat of a car (not that they should) then a newly married couple can figure it out on their wedding night.

      The idea that young people need to be educated in the “how to’s” just puts a lot of unnecessary pressure to perform on them. And that wrecks it.

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  2. So glad you’re spreading the word that sex was God’s idea. I’ve found that so few people can relate to that thought, and it really does need to get out there. Also, I’m sure the “S” word is a subject that never gets too old or boring for 6th, 7th, 8th . . . 12th graders. Well, to be honest, I don’t find it boring either, and I’ve been out of school a long, long time.


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