Hate Me Now, Thank Me Later

I talked to some parents last week.  I always talk to the parents at the school I’m currently speaking in to give them an overview, a chance to ask questions and some tips on how to get their youngsters through middle school and high school unscathed.

I always end by showing them a clip of my daughter telling her story at that retreat 5 years ago.  To encourage them.  Because she went to the school where their children are now enrolled. Thought it might encourage some of you, too:

She was 20 then.  She’s 25 now.  Her heart is still intact and she is still looking forward to a great marriage and a great family.  In the meantime she’s working on her masters in counseling.

What did you do to get your youngsters safely through those treacherous years?


4 thoughts on “Hate Me Now, Thank Me Later

    • I enjoy talking with the parents. The ones who show up for the meeting are the ones who really take their parenting roles seriously. It is wonderful to hear them share what works for them and to encourage one another. God bless them as they rear the precious young ones He has entrusted to them.


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