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April Showers Bring… Cupcakes!

I went through a cupcake phase. Baking, experimenting, perfecting.  My daughter begged me to open a cupcake shop but business is not my thing.

Three emerged as my favorites:

#1 Every year at Christmas I make a Chocolate-Orange Cream Cake.  Every year at Christmas I made a Chocolate-Orange Cream Cake, until I modified it into cupcakes:  light, airy chocolate buttermilk cake filled with a delicate orange cream and crowned with chocolate/Grand Marnier buttercream frosting.

Oh my goodness that orange cream.  Take a bite, get a mouthful of that cream and you know God loves you.

My Chocolate-Orange Cream Cupcake with Chocolate Grand Marnier frosting in all its Christmas glory.

My Chocolate-Orange Cream Cupcake with Chocolate Grand Marnier frosting commissioned for an Advent by Candlelight event.

There’s just something about chocolate paired with orange at Christmas.

#2 My daughter’s favorite is my Limoncello Lemon Cupcakes:  A light lemon cake filled with a light, slightly lemony cream and crowned with limoncello laced buttercream frosting.

#3 Then there is my Ode to Nutella:  Same light chocolate buttermilk cake batter but with half a ferrero roche sunk in the middle and frosted with nothing but nutella straight out of the jar.  Divine.  No, really, DIVINE.  Try it.

My nephew is getting married in May and his mom and I are throwing his bride-to-be a shower in April.  She requested my cupcakes.  I’m thinking the lemon would be nice for Spring.  But those chocolate orange are so darn good.  Ohhhhh, now I’m thinking a variety of mini cupcakes…  On a really cute display…. Ohhh and I have flower shaped cupcake molds….  Thinking, thinking, thinking….


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