Let the Blogger Beware

Today’s daily prompt asked What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?  

Well, it was just this week as a matter of fact.  When I first started blogging I went to the WordPress support page and asked:

Can I edit/remove comments I left on someone else’s blog?

The answer was “No. It is not possible to edit or delete any comments you have left on other blogs.”

Yikes!, I thought, Maybe I shouldn’t leave any more comments.  (I was already feeling commenter’s remorse for my first lame attempt.)

But the paragraph went on:

“Blog owners are in full control of the comments on their blogs, so you can try contacting the blog owner and ask them to edit or delete a comment for you.”

Oh good, I thought, people are reasonable, I’m sure they’ll honor my request.

Well, I won’t go into the unfortunate details, but this week I discovered that people are not always reasonable.

So, fellow bloggers, beware.  Actually, fellow commenters beware.

And just FYI:  I made a couple of my recent posts private today because they were reblogged on a site with surreal comments attached and it felt like harassment.  I might make them public again in the future, though, because some of you shared really good, interesting and delightful remarks.




10 thoughts on “Let the Blogger Beware

  1. I have a blogger friend who commented a little er, more colourfully than I like; I was able to edit HER comment. If that helps. (I told her afterward and she was fine with that). I suppose you could even put a qualifier, ie, the opinion expressed here does not reflect the intent of the original post and blah blah blah… lol


    • Thanks k. I usually just fix typos – because I know how much it bugs me when I post a comment with a typo. But if someone uses colorful language I think I’ll do exactly what you did. You handled the situation really well.

      Unfortunately, I was replying to lots of comments at once that day – some of the comments were on one of my posts and some were in reply to a comment I made on someone else’s post. Because I was replying through notifications and not directly on the posts, I lost track of which post I was commenting on. I thought I was commenting on my post (where I could edit and delete) but I wasn’t. Yikes. So the moral of this story, for me, is to slow the commenting train, reign in the multi-tasking and make sure I know what is what.

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  2. Well, I think now I just HAVE to make a comment. Really, all I’m going to say is this: don’t let those “unreasonable” people upset you. Actually most bloggers know that unfortunate phrasing can slip out when people comment back and forth — and some people seem to have a lot of trouble with their computer automatically supply a word when it isn’t the correct word at all — and some comments get lost, and the replies sound stupid when they do. But most people on here make allowances for those mistakes — and those who don’t — well, they really are unreasonable, and you just need to say, “Oh, well, I knew the world was full of stupid people, so what else is new?”
    (Hope this cheered you up a little.)


  3. I recommend you to use Disqus or Livefyre. You can easily edit your comments whenever you want. Thanks for your kindness. Likely if I have typos, I will tell you that I want to edit it. If you keep your posts private and without any comments, then visitors will see that your site is not popular. The more articles you have, the more visitors will visit your site and stay longer on it. I think the best solution is by deleting all spamming comments and maintain relevant comments.


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