Blessed Geography


The thornless, climbing roses that adorn my arbor did not bloom last summer.  Neither did the oakleaf hydrangeas.  I blame the preceding winter’s brutally cold temperatures.   We are coming to the end of another brutal winter and I’ve been wondering whether my roses and hydrangeas will bloom this summer.  And whether my garlic survived under a blanket of 6 inches of straw and three feet of snow.  I wonder how many brown hedges my dogs and I will see as we walk through the neighborhood.

But I won’t complain.

I won’t complain because cold winters keep the bugs at bay.

When my newlywed dad was stationed in Texas, he and my mom would go for walks in the evening.  Once they encountered a cliff that seemed to be moving.  Upon closer inspection they discovered that is was covered with scorpions!  Too cold for those here.

The hub and I rented a house in Florida one week.  It was the first time I had ever seen a cockroach.  Two, actually.  They were in the bathroom and they were HUGE!  Apparently they grow big in Florida. They don’t grow big here.   It’s too cold.

The third sentence of the third post on my reader this morning read, “I worked among roaches, too.”

I haven’t lived or worked among roaches that I know of and thank God.  Though I’m sure I’d get used to them.  I’m sure I’d get used to them and say, “At least it’s warm here.”

Betsy ten Boom thanked God for the maggots that infested her bunkhouse because the guards were so grossed out by them that they rarely came inside.  Which allowed her to conduct a Bible study undetected.  Now that’s looking on the bright side.

When my daughter was little she came to me one day all concerned about hurricanes.  She must have seen something on tv.  I assured her that we don’t have hurricanes where we live, you have to be near an ocean.

She thought for a minute and then asked about snakes.  I told her we have garden snakes but we don’t have any of the poisonous kinds.

She asked about earthquakes.  Nope, not here.

She went merrily back to her play, thanking God we live in Michigan.

IMG_0526 IMG_0530

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Third From the Top.”


2 thoughts on “Blessed Geography

    • Thank you Linda. I just went outside to check and it looks promising. Last year there was no sign of life at all. I cut away all the dead wood thinking it was a goner and lo and behold new life sprang up from the ground. This year there is actual greenage at the base of the plants so yay. It will take a few years for it to be as full as it was in the pictures, but maybe the green in the stalks means I’ll at least have flowers this year. I hope.

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