A Prose By Any Other Name

Good Saturday morning fellow bloggers, readers, friends and foes,

Attention!  Attention! Can I have your attention please?  I have an announcement.

There is a light at the end of the baptist tunnel.  In May the hub’s gig as head of the finance committee will be up and in mid-June he will finish teaching a Sunday morning class on finances.  And then yee-haw we will be out the door, down the street, skipping hand in hand toward our destiny.  It’s a beautiful thought.

“I’ll have to change the name of my blog,” I mused, as I minced toppings for our hot dogs.  Yep, we had hot dogs last night.  I made a REALLY really delicious dinner Thursday night and you just don’t get two fabulous dinners in a row around here anymore.  A girl’s gotta’ rest.  Plus, I took my sister out for lunch for her birthday so, you know, no time to prep.

Anyway, as I was musing the hub asked, “Why?”

“I’ll no longer be a reluctant baptist.”

Music drifted melodically from his mouth to my ears:  “You already are no longer a baptist.  Neither am I, at this point I’m just an independent contractor.”


Nothing against baptists, I just miss Jesus.

Why put off until tomorrow (or mid-June) what you can do today?

One reason:  The wisdom and experience of my fellow bloggers. So fellow, bloggers, have any of you changed the name of your blog 9 months in?  What do I need to consider?  Talk fast, though, ‘cuz tomorrow is tomorrow.

I’ll keep my gravatar image the same for awhile so you will recognize me when I like/comment on your posts.

Coming up with a new name has been TOUGH!  I’ve put a WHOLE NIGHT’S thought into it.  My daughter suggested, “The Happy Presbyterian.”

“The Imperfect Presbyterian” would be more accurate.  Except it completely contradicts my rants against denominationalism.  PLUS, one visit to an evangelical presbyterian church does not a presbyterian make.

I flew “Kinda’ Christian” up the flag pole but no one saluted.  “Get it?,” I asked, “I blog about God and the church a lot, but not always.”

An emphatic, “NO!” from my daughter.

She’s right – people would keep trying to save me.

After wracking my brain for a few more hours, I finally came up with a name.  Which will probably be in place tomorrow.  But if any of you wordsmiths are moved to do so, suggest away. There’s still time.  (Just please don’t feel hurt if I decide to go with mine.)

And do NOT forget the sage advice.

And have a glorious day! (It’s mostly cloudy and 22 degrees here, but my heart is sunny and warm.)


10 thoughts on “A Prose By Any Other Name

  1. Changing the name of your blog shouldn’t cause you any problems. A lot of people do that over a period of time. I have several blogs — two of which are for ministry — but this blog — my author’s blog — is the only one I’ve ever wanted to change the name on. I did change it about a year and a half after I started it, and it caused no problems.

    You could always call it “Free & Easy” because that is what you are now.

    I know you have been blogging anonymously so far, but since you are asking for some honest feedback, I will tell you something that I’ve learned in the four years I’ve blogged and interacted with thousands of people around the world who also blog. Most people who blog want to know who the person is that they are reading and responding to. It’s the same as reading or listening to any other speaker in any area of life. People tend to trust and honor a person who is willing to identify himself. People also tend to feel a connection which makes them want to respond frequently. Overall, most people do not tend to trust or feel a strong connection to someone who is unwilling to identify himself.

    It certainly isn’t necessary to use your name in your title, but I would strongly suggest that you at least identify yourself on your “About” page. Personally, over the years, I have interacted a little and for a short time with other bloggers who began anonymously, and I figured they were just shy about putting their names out there at first. But, after a reasonable time, when they persisted in hiding who they really were, I dropped them from my blogging buddies list, and I still follow that practice. There are other bloggers who respond the same way.

    So, of course, you must do whatever you want with your site, but at least I wanted to give you something to think about that may eventually get you a whole lot more followers in the future.



    • Thank you for the honest feedback Sandra. I really appreciate it. Starting tomorrow I will be a lot less anonymous. There are some unstable people here in bloggerville and I’m not sure it would be wise to tell them exactly who I am, but your advice is great and I agree – people with names and faces do seem much more approachable.


  2. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. And I remain puzzled by your experience that Baptist and Jesus don’t mix. Seriously. We talk about Jesus, preach about Jesus, sing about Jesus, in a very Baptist church. Without Jesus, what’s the point?


    • I was really hoping I wasn’t going to offend you, Linda. I’m sure there are a lot of wonderful Baptist churches where the members love Jesus. The mega-church I joined a few years ago took Baptist out of their name in order to attract more members (they’re still Baptist though). Unfortunately, they also seem to have put Jesus waaaay in the background. As I have said in several posts, I never hear His named mentioned. The focus seems to be on perfectly carrying out Paul’s instructions. I’m glad that your church talks and sings about (and to) Jesus. Without Jesus there is no point – which is exactly why the hub and I will be skipping away.


      • No offense taken. I’m not that thin-skinned 🙂 I do think it’s terribly sad when churches of any denomination choose to remove that from their names and become a church that doesn’t stand for much of anything. I’ve been very blessed all my life to be in good churches where God’s Word is preached and taught. My pastor/dad was one of the best Bible teachers I’ve ever heard. I used to think everyone had the same experience I did.

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      • Paul wasn’t exactly always a “salaried minister” and it seems contrary to being a Christian in biting the hand that feeds…unless of course the participation is strictly on a voluntary basis. Why wait till June?


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