Hi, My Name is Julie

Sorry my face is so in your face this morning. I tried to make it small and round like the Ryu theme default header, but after many failed attempts I realized that it just isn’t going to happen until I make the picture my gravatar.

Which I will do, eventually.

In the meantime, here’s looking at you.

I decided to be less anonymous with my new blog name. First step: Tell you my name (okay, just my first name, but it’s a start) and show you what I look like.  I’ll be updating my About page, too.  As soon as I think of something interesting to say.  Could be a long wait.

Oh, and I’ll have to change my url.  Hope that doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Anyone have any advice on that?

Speaking of my new blog name, do you like it?  (Remember what your momma said, “If you can’t say anything nice…”)  It was the best I could do to sum up what I want this blog to be about: Shedding a little Light and sharing a little life.

So, that’s it.  Just wanted to reintroduce myself and say it’s nice to meet you.

Have a wonderful, restful, cheerful, sunny (even if it is still COLD where you are) Sunday.  The Lord bless you and keep you and make His beautiful face shine upon you.


13 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Julie

  1. Cannot help singing the beginning of the song which I am sure you are SO SICK of – “I’m not Lisa…”

    you are very pretty, much more so than she. lol

    I look forward to hearing from you! It is hard to come out of anonymity! I am Kathy by the way lol

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    • Oh my goodness, I haven’t heard that song in a looong time. One Christmas, as my family of nine was heading to Florida all crammed into a station wagon, my two younger sisters sang, “Julie, Julie, Julie do we love her? No!” Julie, Julie, Julie do we care? No!…” Over and over and over. If I hadn’t been so saintly and Sue Heckish back then I might have pounded them.

      Thanks for the compliment, though I must say the picture is three years old and the pretty is fading fast.

      And aww, thanks for telling me your name, I got a little choked up.


  2. Hi, Julie. What a delightful title you’ve chosen for your new adventure! And I love the picture just the way it is. I don’t think it needs to be smaller. And if you’re like me, you’ll be changing the header images off and on anyway. I guess I get bored easily, because I often change my headers, and I usually change themes at least once a year. I hope it doesn’t confuse anyone else, but at least I’m not bored that way.

    About changing the URL, I sorry that I don’t have any advice at all. I think I remember WordPress saying that the URL couldn’t be changed. But that may have changed since a few years ago. However, if worse comes to worse, one solution would be to set up a new e-mail account (like with g-mail since they’re so easy), and actually start a new blog from that account. Then it would have a brand new URL. Of course, if you start a new blog, then you’d have to move your stuff from this one to the new one, but I’m thinking there’s a way to do that all at once.

    The happiness engineers have usually been very good to help solve problems for me, so I’d just contact them, and maybe they can manage to change the URL from “inside” the system even if there’s no actual steps that you can take to do it.

    Either way, I’m sure your readers will really enjoy your new title and your new look. I hope you do too.


    • Thank you for your help, feedback, encouragement and advice Sandra. I will be sure to contact the happiness engineers before I make a move. I’m just going to sit tight for now though.
      You were right, it feels good and more personal to use my real name.

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