What’s With the Hit & Run?

You know, the comment that consists of a link and little or nothing else.

Near as I can figure it’s one of three (possibly four) things.  One is excusable, the others are not:

Rookie Mistake:  You’re new to blogging and you’re eager to let people know you’re out there.  You haven’t yet figured out that there are ZILLIONS of people out there.  And some, if not most, are more interesting than you. (Sorry to say.) So simmer down.

I cringe to admit it, but I did it, too. However, if you’ve been blogging more than a month, it’s no longer a rookie mistake, it’s one or more of these:

Shameless Self-Promotion:   Which I read as, “I’m really not interested in what you had to say, but LOOKY at me.”

Sorry, no.  You haven’t given me any reason to looky at you.  Link deleted.

Arrogance:  Which I read as, “I read your post, now go read the master.”

Sorry, but heck no.  Talk to me, not at me.  Link deleted.

Laziness:  “I have something to say about that, too, but I’m too lazy to actually converse with you so just go read my post.”

Sorry, no.  Link deleted.  If you want me to read your post, you have to at least tell me (and the other readers) why you want me (us) to read it, what it has to do with my post, etc.

I violated my “never include a link in your comments unless it is to a blogging friend” rule the other day.  I shouldn’t have.  I thought the blogger might be interested in another perspective on what she posted but it would have been SO MUCH BETTER and less obnoxious if I had just told her what I liked about her post and then said, “I recently posted on that topic, too, but from a different perspective.”  Then, IF she was interested in reading my perspective, she could ASK for the link.

It’s so much better and more polite to wait for the person to ask.

I hope I don’t sound harsh, but the daily prompt asked about online communication so I thought I’d take the opportunity to get this off my chest.  I hope I don’t scare any commenters off because I do love commenters and their comments.  I just don’t get the hit and run.  Anyone want to join the gripefest?  Or perhaps enlighten me?  Or perhaps repent?


7 thoughts on “What’s With the Hit & Run?

  1. Similar but different: Someone posts a LOOOOOOONG “comment” on my Bible study blog and then “invites” me to go read theirs. Or uses my Facebook page to promote his own blog. Of all the nerve. Do your own work. Leave my stuff alone.

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