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He’s Alive!

Back when I worked at the pregnancy center, I used to plan and produce an annual Coffee House as a way of raising community awareness as well as some badly needed funds.  This is me and a guy named Lloyd working out last minute projection glitches:

I loved that blazer, I wonder what I did with it...

I loved that blazer, wonder what I did with it…

Every year five performers, or groups of performers, would donate their time and talent and each play a 20 minute set.  They were all wonderful.  It was at the very first Coffee House that I was introduced to the music of Don Francisco and to the song He’s Alive.   It blew me away.  The man who performed it sang with a rich, smooth, amazing, powerful voice while playing his twelve string guitar.  As people were leaving at the end of the evening some of them asked me if he was Don Francisco.  Once I heard Don Francisco I understood why.  He looked like him, sang like him and played like him.

Wonderful memory, wonderful song, wonderful Savior.

Why am I sharing it today and not tomorrow?  ‘Cuz I have another classic to share tomorrow.

Happy Easter Eve:


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