Chilean Sea Bass with Cilantro Beurre Blanc (the silkiest, most delicious beurre blanc I’ve ever had – oh my, oh my), and Pico de Gallo. Oh yes, please.

They say our moods mellow with age.  I would add that the spiciness we enjoy in our foods does, too.  When I was young I liked it the hotter the better, with absolutely no repercussions the next day.

Beggar’s Banquet was a favorite in my college’s town.  They rated each day’s batch of chili according to the number of beers you would need to finish a bowl.  I think they called beer “sympathy for the devil.”  In my case sympathy was pepsi because I’ve never liked beer.  If they had served milk, I might have had that.  Because milk coats and fireproofs the tongue. But more likely I would have considered milk the drink of amateurs.

Now that I am gracefully mellowed, I no longer like my food hot and wild.  Nowadays I like it intelligently spiced:  A subtle kick; a slight warm heat at the very back of my tongue and palate; a perfect balance of flavors – of sweet and heat, warm and cool.

Palates, like people become more sophisticated as they age.  They appreciate the beauty and nuances of subtlety and balance.  And if they’ve been cooking all those mellowing years, they’ve been learning how to achieve it.

Today’s list of the gifts for which I am grateful is all about the food God has given us:  the variety of colors and flavor combinations; culinary artists who know how to extract amazing flavors and inspire us to do the same; flavors that burst in our mouths; stunning presentations of plates and platters.

You, God, could have made the nourishment of our bodies bland – mere utility eating.  But You didn’t, You made it glorious.  Like You.  Thank you.

Taste and see that the Lord is Good.


16 thoughts on “Gratifood

  1. I have certainly mellowed with age, but I like more spice in my food than I used to. Still intelligently spiced though.

    My friend and I were talking the other day about how wonderful it is that God made food so tasty!!

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    • Thanks Marie. I remember when my mom started putting tons of pepper on everything. What in the world?, I wondered. Now I know. I think the taste buds dull a bit with age, I seem to need more seasoning than I used to.

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  2. Hey Julie…those are Meals, Ready to Eat LOL. MREs. Agreed Barney Tabasco made them almost edible.

    Julie, great post. God did give us so many things simply for our joy. I think of coffee often myself, as I simply love it, in all varieties. If God didn’t care specifically about my happiness, why would there be all those coffees for me to enjoy?


    • I agree with you Wally. I love coffee as well. And, frankly, I am tired of this rubbish people spout about how bad caffeine is for us. The Lord just reminded me one day that He is the one who made all fruits and seeds of the plants for us to eat and drink. He created the coffee beans and the cocoa beans — and He created them with the caffeine inside of them. It isn’t something we humans put into it. So coffee and chocolate are God-made foods — God-given gifts, if you will. And let’s get even more real: Sugar cane is a natural food as well. Now, of course, I believe in moderation in our eating, and I don’t think we should be irresponsible. But none of these things are harmful in themselves when they are received as God’s blessings, prayed over, and enjoyed in a normal, balanced diet.

      Well, thanks, Wally, for giving me an opening to vent a little.

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      • Sandra

        Most welcome for the opening LOL. You are so correct on so many levels, though. Food, coffee, and so many things were put here by God, for us. To enjoy and provide some happiness in our lives.

        Only two things mess it up. One is when we take the desires God gave us and twist them into excess or substitute them for HIm. Two is when we get all legalistic and start following some list of not to dos.

        Remember, at the end of Creation, God stepped back and said it was all “very good.” All of it, not some of it. All.

        Bless you Sandra

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  4. I used to eat curries at a Malay restaurant affectionately known as ‘The Blazing A’, if you get my drift. Even a liberal mouthful of yoghurt couldn’t extinguish the fire, stop the running eyes and nose or ease the stinging lips. I survived and my taste buds have mellowed, Now I’ve become an ice cream gobbler, poor substitute for my yummy past.

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