Julette’s Feast

It was quite lovely if I do say so myself:  White, soft-cotton tablecloths with burlap runners, centerpieces of pink and green hydrangeas, sparkling champagne flutes, even the colors in the salad coordinated beautifully with it’s splash of strawberries and pomegranate seeds.

Yesterday I hosted a luncheon shower for my nephew’s bride-to-be. My sister (the mother of the groom) did the cooking and I did the decorating and desserts:  Chocolate Grand Marnier cupcakes; Chocolate, hazelnut macaroons for a gluten-free option and homemade coconut, chocolate chip ice cream.  My rich, creamy, yummy coconut, chocolate chip ice cream, accompanied by Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas (good all year ’round) coffee* and cream.

I love all the beautiful touches that make a day special; that make the guest of honor feel special.  Those are the things that head my gratitude list this morning.  (I wish I had taken time out from hosting to take pictures.)

Over the weekend Wally Fry posted and Sandra Conner commented that all food is given by God to be enjoyed.  Their comments reminded me of Babette’s Feast – a truly wonderful movie on that very theme. I highly recommend it.

Here’s the trailer:

And a scene that makes me want to create a feast:

*Go to Barnie’s website and order some Wally and Sandra and all you other lovers of the bean.  You won’t regret it.


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