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Another Isaiah

On Wednesday afternoons fourth grader Isaiah M. goes to the Community Center for tutoring.  Last Wednesday was his birthday.

When it’s your birthday you get to choose an item from the gift table.  As Isaiah was looking over the options, he spotted a package of diapers nearby.

“Can I choose those?”

Pam nodded yes knowing that she would have time to replace them before the recipient for whom they were donated came in to pick them up.

Isaiah smiled.

Pam said, “Hey, we just got these Detroit Tigers t-shirts, are you sure you want to choose diapers as your birthday present?”

Isaiah’s face lit up as Pam held up the shirt.  He loves the Tigers.

“I’m sure,” he said. “My neighbor just had a baby and she can’t afford diapers.”

“Bless his heart,” I said, as my daughter told me the story.

“His heart was blessed,” she replied.  A little while later Pam approached Isaiah with the t-shirt:  “You chose to pick the diapers for your neighbor, and now I am choosing to pick this t-shirt for you.”

My heart is blessed by the kind choice of that sweet boy.  I hope yours is, too.


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