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Don’t Eat Bags!… & Poise Pads

On Wednesday I spent a few hours volunteering in the publishing center of an elementary school literacy program.  I was away from home a total of four hours.

Upon returning home I let my friends out.  The beagle immediately started eating grass.  LOTS and LOTS of grass.  Sure sign that she was nauseated.  Dang it.  I‘ll spare you the details, but her medical history in the year and a half since we adopted her warranted a big DANG IT!!!!

My husband returned home about a half an hour later and asked me to come upstairs.  Little One had vomited on our bedroom floor.  But the thing he wanted to show me was the lack of the  Home Depot bag he had left near the window.  All that remained of it was the two metal hinges that were in it.  No bag, no hinge packaging, no screws.  Were there screws in the packages of hinges?  Usually there are but he wasn’t certain.  I examined the contents of the vomit – a few pieces of the thin plastic home depot bag, thicker clear plastic hinge packaging, but no screws.

I called the emergency vet clinic and they told me to bring her in for x-rays because screws can perforate the intestines.  The x-ray revealed no screws in the belly, but a whole wad of something that didn’t look like it would pass on its own.

So after an endoscopic removal of a “nest” of LOTS and LOTS of Home Depot bag pieces, grass, leaves and green string; and an overnight stay in the hospital at $2,000, I am now tethered to home for the next ten days in order to administer a complex variety of meds and small meals.

But thank God she’s going to be okay.

In unrelated news, I received a free sample of poise pads in the mail a few days ago.  I was a bit insulted at the insinuation.  My husband found it amusing.

Today the hub was home sick with a cold, which was actually good for me and the Little One because I had to go out for a few hours to have a CT scan with contrast.  If you’ve ever had a CT scan with contrast then you know that I have had LOTS and LOTS of fluids today.  Some of them quite nasty tasting.  The “gift” that the mail brought turned out to be rather timely.

See how God looks out for us?


12 thoughts on “Don’t Eat Bags!… & Poise Pads

  1. Bad doggie! Poor doggie! Poor light & life! I’m glad your doggie was okay. What a collection to have in her tummy! I hope you are okay and glad the Poise pads were useful!


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