I was a pretty darn good student.  AP english, AP math.  Clipped right along through algebra, geometry, trigonometry.  No sweat.

Then came calculus and logarithms.  What the heck?

Had my brain finally had enough?

Did its wiring simply not extend to curves?

Were the profound personal traumas I was enduring that year diminishing my brain power?

Or was I simply resistant to CHANGE?

I reluctantly admitted defeat and dropped the class, my genius humbled.

P.S.  Bonus points if that last question brought even the slightest grin to your face.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Land of Confusion.”


18 thoughts on “Calculus

              • LOL..nah nosy is good Julie.

                Early on in my college career I had actually entertained plans of law school. I was going to change the world, erase poverty and discrimination, and set the world straight through my legal prowess.

                Then a funny thing happened. An army recruiter started lurking around and next thing you know I was in the Army Reserve and off to Basic Training. Kind of like that, but didn’t really like the whole being a peon thing, so I got back into University at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and ROTC. Got my commission and after graduation spent 7 years on active duty playing Army Officer.

                After that, spent a number of years, oddly enough, as a manager for Wal Mart.

                Later, I even dabbled in Real Estate and Home Mortgages. Eh..that darn economic turn down creamed me pretty bad, along with a divorce and stuff.

                In the midst of all of that turmoil, God finally convinced me He was real, and I have myself up.

                Now, I am an installer/technician for a Satellite TV provider of all things. (for almost 8 years now) Sometimes you do what you gotta do right?

                So, the basic answer to what I did with my degree is..nothing specifically, but everything generally. I have no specific skills from it, but it sure prepared me for all the things to come.

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                • Thanks for sharing all that Wally. Interesting. I suppose that’s true of most liberal arts degrees – prepare you for nothing specifically and everything generally. Bravo for doing what you gotta’ do while you use your spiritual prowess to change the world.

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                  • Thank you Julie. Wow…today on WordPress has been awesome. People have posted things that just fit the need at hand, and encouragement has come from every quarter. It’s times like this which convince me even more of the reality of God.

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  1. I was an hopeless student at high school and achieved the poorest passes available with a fail mark. Later as a mature age student I entered university and gained two degrees and a couple of diplomas along the way. Reached the forth highest rank in my profession yet people still tell me, ‘OH, you never achieved your full potential, you are too laid back’. Who cares, I’m a happy little vegemite as they say here in the Land Down Under.
    You are an achiever and a deep thinker. Not many around like you, that’s been my experience.


    • Thanks for sharing bones! What’s the chief end of man? To love God and enjoy Him forever? If you are a “happy little vegemite” then I would say you HAVE achieved your full potential. Your degrees and promotions are to be congratulated, too.

      I’m pretty laid back, too, and I suspect people would say the same about me. I’m only an achiever when it comes to the things God compels me to do. I’m definitely not a self-starter. I was knocked down by a mysterious ailment a few years ago, didn’t know whether I would make it through. I just wanted to live to cook healthy meals for my family. It brought my true ambition into focus.


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