Transforming a Jealous Mind

Today’s daily prompt suggested I write an anonymous letter to someone I’m jealous of. But since my particular monster does not have green eyes, I’m reposting this instead.

But If I HAD to write a letter it would read something like Dear Ann Voskamp, I am SO GLAD that YOU have been given the ability to write beautiful words because I am blessed by them. I am thankful that you have been given such a sense of artistry and poetry because the photography in your one thousand gifts video brings strength and joy to my fragile heart.  Dear Beth Moore, I am SO GLAD that YOU have been given the awesome gift for teaching that I would love to have. This way I can sit in the audience, relax and soak it in – while you do the prep work, travel and carry the burden….

See? How can I be jealous of the gifts others have been given when they are also a gift to me?

Light & life

I used to think jealousy was a victimless crime. I thought it only hurt the perp.  And that might be true as long as it stays a soul-gnawing emotion.  But, as I shared in a previous post, once it takes action it does all manner of damage.

So how do you get jealousy under control?  How do you transform a gnarly thought before it morphs into a gnarly action?  Here’s what I do:

1.  I remind myself that there is enough to go around.  I used to scratch my head at my older sister’s manipulative attempts to push my other siblings and me out of our mother’s heart.  She seemed to believe that if we weren’t there, there would be more room for her.  Her logic made no sense to me.  Even as a small child I knew that mom’s love for one would not diminish her love for the others.  A mom…

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2 thoughts on “Transforming a Jealous Mind

    • I always thought jealousy and envy were interchangeable. Thanks for making me look them up. The distinction I found: Jealousy has more to do with achievements and advantages while envy has more to do with possessions, qualities or luck. Thanks for the education, and for the positive, encouraging and well-stated comment. As usual.


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