R, Really?

My daughter and I saw Far from the Madding Crowd last week.  It was really good and Matthias Schoenaerts – the actor who played Gabriel Oak – was REALLY attractive.  So attractive that we both mentioned it on the way home – same as we did about Garret Hedlund after seeing Country Strong a few years ago.

So while I was driving, my daughter was googling Matthias to see what else he’s been in.  All foreign films.

Perusing the “World Cinema” shelves at the local library a few days later I spotted one of them, a french film entitled Rust and Bone.

Yay!  I don’t usually watch R-rated movies, but the blurb on the back cover said the Cannes Film Festival audience stood up and cheered.  Plus Matthias.  So I made an exception.

Wish I hadn’t.

Since when is full frontal nudity rated R?  Since when is completely naked animal sex, with no attempts whatsoever to hide body parts rated R?  Contrary to what Rotten Tomatoes wrote, the graphic nudity was far from brief.  Rust and Bone was just glorified porn and it ought to be rated accordingly.  So people like me can put it right back on the shelf.

I loved the character Matthias played in “Far from the Madding Crowd”, but I didn’t like the character he played in “Rust and Bone” at all.  And now that I have seen EVERY NAKED BIT of the actor, I’m not so sure I like him anymore either.

Kinda’ lost respect for the man.



12 thoughts on “R, Really?

    • I should have turned it off right away. I kept waiting for something “stand up and cheer” worthy. The character was somewhat redeemed in the end, but all the crudity in the meantime ruined it. The director could have communicated the character’s character flaws without SHOWING us. In REAL LIFE we don’t see the graphic details of people’s lives. I wish directors who are trying to be realistic would get their heads around that.

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  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    my wife and I have long since stopped trusting what the movie cases say – they do nothing more than sell the film – they don’t seem to care what you think once you’ve spent your money! It’s sad to see respect and admiration for a person lost because they “sold” out. 😦


    • I think I’ll just stick with PG-13 movies. My daughter rented Wild from Redbox a few weeks ago on my sister’s recommendation. Reese Witherspoon did a good job with it, but I felt like she sold out, too. The greats – like Meryl Streep – don’t take their close off or engage in crude sex scenes. Those who take their clothes off for the camera take themselves out of the “greats” category.

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  2. It’s like the stupos who put naked and lewd selfies on the internet. All they do is demean themselves. I reckon actors who have to strip ands get into sex scenes are [purely after the money and have to self respect. I’m no prude hut I’m getting sick of it, even the language that is now common place. I saw “Spy” yesterday. The story is great, the acting interesting and the indecent language sometimes embarrassing. No wonder it was classified 15+. Needless overdue of the F bomb and the even worse c word.Absolutely unnecessary.


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