Sketchy Care

My daughter drove me to the nearest urgent care clinic.  The doctor who owns it is a retired orthopedic surgeon so I figured it was a pretty good choice for a foot injury.

I had called the clinic several hours earlier to ask how late they were open and whether they had an x-ray machine.  Open ’til 8 and yes.  But then a few minutes later the receptionist called back and said, “Make that 7”.

When my daughter got home from work at 5, she drove me right over there.

There was no receptionist, all was quiet.

I hobbled over to the counter, signed in and sat down.

A few minutes later the doc came into the waiting room, sat down and said his receptionist left with stomach pains.  We hadn’t noticed the closed sign on the unlocked door – too busy trying to hop into the building.

He said if I was already in the computer, he would take me.

I wish I had said, “That’s alright,” and gone somewhere else.

But I was in the computer so I stayed.

He examined my foot.  So far so good.

But then the x-ray.  He fumbled around a bit, positioned my foot and then stepped behind the wall to take the pic.

“Wait, aren’t you going to put the bib on me?”

“Oh, yeah,” he said.  “Sorry.”  He laid it on my torso like a blanket.  When he wasn’t looking I pulled it up to protect my thyroid.

AFTER he took two views – one of the top of my foot and one of the side that ISN’T bruised, ISN’T painful, he said, “Hold on a minute while I make sure I did this right.  I don’t take x-rays very often.”

WHY, why, why did I stay?

He showed me the films and pointed out where the bone is chipped.  Told me to wear the boot, stay off it and come back in two weeks for another x-ray.

I’ll get another x-ray alright, but not there.

So here I am.  Stuck on the sofa again. Beagle to the left of me, hound dog to the right, here I am, stuck on the sofa with you…

So much for long summer walks and getting in shape.  I’m going to need some good movies.

On a positive note, I have PLENTY of time to read your posts.  So tell me a really good story.


9 thoughts on “Sketchy Care

  1. I know how you feel. I was referred to an Endodontics clinic by my dentist as she was unable to do anything for the pain I was suffering except prescribe antibiotics and pain killers. Both proved to be useless. Then, last Thursday after driving over 60miles to see the specialist and spending over an hour in the chair with both of his hands and half a ton of gear in my mouth he proudly announced, ‘Sorry mate, can’t do anything, see your dentist and she will refer you to someone in Sydney who might be able to help. You have a fractured tooth halfway down the root. You will need surgery.’ Then came the best bit,’ The receptionist has your account made up.’ Made up alright, $600.00. A nice round figure.

    At least the endodontist seemed to know what he was doing and he did X-ray the correct tooth and the lead straight jacket came right up to my chin.

    On Monday I’ll find out what my health insurer will fork out and I’ll start to plan my next bank raid to cover the further treatment.

    We sure live in a wonderful world.;

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    • I’ve ridden that merry-go-round and I feel you. For over a year I went from dentist to endodontist to dentist and back again. They kept saying they didn’t see anything wrong, I would be better off just leaving it alone, was inflamed but not infected, etc. I was about ready to yank the thing myself. When an oral surgeon FINALLY pulled it he declared it was cracked clean down the middle. Then he scraped out the infection. It seems like it is harder to get good medical care these days. And growing old is expensive. Saying a little prayer that your insurance will pay a huge chunk of your huge bill. $600 for rooting around and declaring defeat. Maddening.


  2. 🎶stuck on the sofa with you…🎶
    I am so sorry you had to go through that w/a doc. Especially given the pain you are in. Will you wait two weeks, or seek another opinion on Monday? Whatever you decide, I’m praying for less pain and quick healing.


  3. Planting Potatoes says:

    was that a sketchy reference to a once well played song in the 70’s I heard? 🙂 Get well soon and be sure to stay off that foot! Your experience is like paying lots of money to someone in India in hopes of fixing my computer – “just turn it off and on.” The worst part is that it worked – 🙂

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