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No One Sinned

A guy was born blind and people were wondering whose sin was responsible.  His? His mom’s?  His dad’s?

Jesus cleared it up for them: “No one sinned.”

The seven sons of a Jewish chief priest named Sceva were going around casting out demons.  Apparently they saw Paul doing it and they thought it was pretty cool; wanted to get into the demon busting business, jump on the exorcism band wagon, impress some chicks.  But they didn’t know what they were doing; they didn’t know what they were talking about; they didn’t know WHO they were talking about.  So they got the crap beat out of them.  By some demons.


I knew a woman who prays for the deaths of the people she does not like.  She once asked God to wipe my ex-husband off the face of the earth.  “Stop,” I said.  “You may not like him, I may not like him right now, but he is my daughter’s dad.  And she needs a living dad.”

Knew is the operative word.

My daughter used to be friends with a Christian guy on tumblr who does all manner of ungodly things.   But when someone does something he doesn’t like he accuses them of being unbiblical, says, “That’s not very ‘early church’ of you.”

Last week I told you that my Aunt Stella died and I kissed her goodbye. On the forehead.

A commenter told me I was wrong to kiss a dead body.  He said I was ceremonially unclean.

I told him that it was a gesture of love and that Jesus wouldn’t fault me for that.  Just like He didn’t fault David and his hungry soldiers for eating consecrated bread.  Or Himself and His disciples for picking and eating the heads of wheat on a Sabbath.  The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

And I started wondering whether regulations that had to do with being ceremonially unclean had to do with disease prevention and containment.  Don’t touch a dead, decaying body and then bring disease into the temple.

But Aunt Stella was not yet decaying.  She was in a clean, sterile, air conditioned environment.  And I was heading to lunch afterward, not into a temple.

The commenter seemed to accept my reasoning.  He called it an excellent answer.

And then, exactly one week later, I fell and broke my right foot.


Here I sit.

And he commented that the break was the result of not heeding his “warning”.  His after-the-fact warning.

No comment.

“You don’t see the connection?,” he asked.

The common denominator to which he was referring is my Aunt Stella.  I broke my foot walking to her cemetery plot.

But there are other possible explanations and denominators:

1.  I have osteoporosis.

2.  I broke the same foot six and a half years ago.  Perhaps, as another blogger commented, it didn’t heal properly back then.  Which is very likely given the fiasco I mentioned.

3.  I tore the tendons and ligaments in that foot back when I was in college.  Slipped on a patch of ice.  Perhaps that weakened it.

4. As I reblogged earlier today, I sprained that ankle backpacking.  In fact, I’ve limped around with SEVERAL sprained ankles over the years.

Were they all punishment for some sin?

Or was the ground just soft and uneven and people sometimes fall when the ground is soft and uneven?

The Holy Spirit doesn’t need a mediator or a translator.  He is Perfectly capable of communicating effectively.  When He warns me, I hear Him.  When He corrects me, I usually heed Him.  When He guides me, I steer clear of those possibly well-meaning charlatans who speak presumptuously for Him.

How much does it bug you when Christians use God, Scripture or spirituality to control and manipulate others?

It bugs me a lot.  I sigh and cringe.

It gives the rest of us a bad name.

Worse, it gives God a bad name.

And I’ll bet He wishes they would just hush.


12 thoughts on “No One Sinned

  1. Oh well, whatever caused you breaking your leg… it wasn’t a punishment. I hope you don’t ever let you talk into it! When we come into this world with a disability it is not a punishment by a judging God. It is a way of living we chose before we came into this world – for whatever reason. But it never ever is a punishment. Sorry, but I cannot stand people who try to convince you like that.
    I hope you are doing better, Julie, and you recover well!

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  2. My goodness we are surrounded by Pharisees at times, no? They bug me too, not only because it’s, well annoying as I’m sure you’ve felt, but because it confirms non believer stereotypes of Christians being hypocrites and not very bright. Good for you for pushing back!

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  3. I’ve never been into mumbo jumbo and I don’t intend to start now. If I can see it, hear it, taste it, sense a reason and a meaning for it then it suits me down to the ground. I’ve seen too many people in dire straits worrying that they have in some way offended a deity. It just compounds their misery. That’s why I admire your approach to it all.


  4. Haha, if anything, I’d say Abba was just trying to get you to slow down, so you could spend even more time with Him. 😉 He loves you. And so do I, sister. May He grant you a rafua shlema (a complete healing).

    Shalom and blessings,


    • issuudotcomslashdewane says:

      Thank you…for flushing out my hidden pride. I am going through a bit of a trial myself with a lost soul (young man) I have been trying to help and it has been frustrating and draining. I apologize and will learn what I can from this, hopefully with help from the Helper.
      I took your bait, hook, line and sinker in a moment of insecurity and weakness. Normally I would have just shook my head laughed it off.
      Well played, turnabout is fair play but the glory, honor and praise is not given to you but to the Lord.
      And what ever your intentions or motives were originally it has all worked together for good in the whole bundle as a teaching experience. And for that I am grateful to the Lord.


  5. Julie, I am new to your blog, thanks to another blogger who follows me. At this point I don’t know if we are totally on the same page on everything, but we’re probably in the same book, at least. Therefore, I will comment without fear 😉 …and it might be lengthy.

    My wife grew up with a warped sense of who God is: the result of abuse, lack of love, and poor parenting on the part of her multiple step-parents. Over the first couple of years of our marriage it became obvious that she believed that if anything unfortunate or bad happened, it was the result of her doing something to anger God, her heavenly Father. Her common response to pain and such would be, “I wonder what I did to deserve this?” Finally, after years of loving her unconditionally, she was able to begin to come to terms with the fact that she had been erroneously imagining God to be like those men from her life. Unfortunately, that is all too common with the abused.

    What my wife finally came to understand was that God is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and understands our frame (yes, that’s Christianese). He is not out to punish us for the slightest offense, for, after all, because of the cross we are already forgiven. No, on the other hand, He is all about transforming us, about molding us as clay in the Potter’s hands, to become more like Jesus. Sure, He may allow things to happen to us, just as He allowed Satan to sift Peter, but Jesus has prayed for us! He will accomplish what He has planned and promised.

    People get sick, have accidents, break ankles, and even get shot in churches. Does God do all of that to us to punish us? I don’t deny that God sends judgment – don’t get me wrong. All I am saying is that life happens, things wear out and break, and people do bad things to good/bad people; that’s life in a fallen, broken world. But through it all we are tempered, strengthened, and made more dependent on Jesus.

    DeWane is off base, big time.


    • Thank you for your excellent and supportive comment, Anthony, it was just lengthy enough for me to see that we are definitely in the same book. Thank God your wife was finally able to see Him as a skillful potter – gently restoring and redeeming and wanting us to help us be like Him.


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