Lettuce Eat Salad!


I was hoping this would be an excuse to post a really cute picture of myself, from back when I was cute, but it wasn’t.

It was lettuce, growing in a trug, right next to my deck.  It seems to be in an ideal location, with just enough sun to grow and just enough shade to stay cool.

I hobbled onto my deck the other day to check on the lettuce and, in order to document its progress, I snapped a picture with my iPhone.  So today, when I opened iPhotos for this prompt, it was the first picture I saw.  Dang it.

I thought about cheating, but no.

The hub has been doing most of the cooking since I broke my foot.  I wheel myself around the kitchen in an office chair and sit at the island, where I can just barely reach the counter, to help with the chopping.

He grilled chicken and corn on the cob last Sunday.  So this afternoon, while he is at the lake fishing, I’m going to make salad dressing.  When he gets home I’ll have him harvest some of the lettuce.  Then we can work together chopping the leftover bbq chicken, cutting the grilled corn off the cobs, slicing an avocado, crumbling some tortilla chips and tossing it all with the lettuce, dressing and a can of black beans.

Mmmm, it will be just like Panera’s BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad.

Yasso chocolate fudge Frozen Greek Yogurt bars for dessert.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Snapshot Stories.”


20 thoughts on “Lettuce Eat Salad!

    • Hi Linda, I saw a foot/ankle specialist last week and he said I have an avulsion fracture, which means a small piece of bone was pulled away from the main portion of the bone by the tendons/ligaments when I fell. I’m supposed to keep it elevated, gradually put weight on it – go from two crutches to one crutch as I can – keep wearing the boot and see him again in 3 weeks. So that’s what I’m doing. Thanks for asking.

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