Queen of the Hill

Queen of the Hill

Oh, wait!  As I was reading other snapshot stories, I realized that I read the prompt wrong.  I was supposed to stop at the first picture with me in it, not just the first picture.  Okay then.  It’s still not the CUTE one I wanted to post, but it’s better than lettuce.

I visited my friend, Cindy, in Atlanta, and we went to Stone Mountain for the day.  This is me at the summit.

Cindy stayed below with a book so I asked a stranger at the top to snap a victory photo.

As I hiked, I saw people taking their daily run up the mountain.  Man, if I lived there I’d be screaming fit.


3 thoughts on “Queen of the Hill

  1. I hike a lot and love it! Once, near the summit of MT Washington in NH, I stopped to take a picture of a sign that read “please do not pick the wildflowers”. Why did I want that photograph? Because it was in the middle of a batch of dandelions.
    While I was busy being a photograhiker, my two hiking mates ate all t and cheese.
    There is no point to this; just sharing.
    PS- Love your picture; you are a babe. LOL

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