17 thoughts on “Ugly is as Ugly Says

  1. Alma Mater says:

    This video made me cry. Literally. I have had terrible skin since I was a preteen, and have had a real battle accepting myself and coming to a level of confidence with my own face. Even now, at 40, my confidence can get wiped out by a week or two of worse-than-usual acne. My children are all small, and I am already praying that they won’t inherit my skin (which I inherited from my father, who inherited it from his mother.) My dad actually dropped out of high school over it.


      • Alma Mater says:

        Suffering really does refine our character, though. It definitely has made me a kinder person to have to suffer so much unkindness from others. And my dad, too. He can be kind of a harsh person, certainly not a “bleeding heart” type at all, but he has such a kind heart for any underdog. He has done really kind, unexpected things for others whom he sees being treated unkindly. I don’t think that would have been in his character had it not been for his own experiences.

        I can appreciate the ways in which my bad skin has refined me, and I can’t really say that I’m sorry that I had it. Not to say that I wouldn’t take a beautiful clear complexion were it to be offered to me now. I think I’ve been refined enough! ;p

        Isn’t that always the way? We can appreciate the refining as we look back on it in the past, but we certainly don’t think we’re in any present need of it!


        • That last bit made me smile. So true. And yay for you and your dad. It’s special and beautiful to be able to do something kind for an underdog. A kind heart feels way better than clear skin.

          Kindness always wins.

          How are you and that precious bundle of baby doing?


          • Alma Mater says:

            The baby is doing wonderfully. She is growing big so fast!

            I, on the other hand, seem to be on the receiving end of further refinement! My heart hasn’t improved as much as they thought it would. The regurgitation got a lot better quickly in the first week after her birth, but it hasn’t continued to improve as they expected it would. So I guess I will be looking at a valve surgery in a year or two. If they can repair it, my life expectancy would remain normal for a woman of my age. But if they can’t repair it, they would have to replace it, and that doesn’t have as good a prognosis. They don’t know until they get in to do the surgery whether a repair would work or not. They go in with the intent to repair, but prepared to replace the valve.


            I’m praying for God to give me enough lifespan to that I can see my children grow up, and then still see some grandchildren grow up. And I’m praying for trust in Him that He will do what’s best for them and for me.


  2. wafflemethis says:

    I strongly believe there is no such word as ugly. It is such a horrible word and should never be used. Whoops I used it in that sentence 😊

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  3. Wow, this video really touched me, thank you for posting it. Society has always valued beauty in unfair ways but I think social media really adds a level of nastiness to those prone to bullying someone because they perceive them as “ugly.”good for you for speaking to students about it, I’m sure it will make a difference.

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  4. in567 says:

    Haha! Funny comment instructions!

    Oy, this video is powerful. No kidding on the power of makeup. I myself used to work as a makeup artist years ago. So my face was always PACKED with thick makeup, in order to be able to sell a lotta makeup. But once my mask was off, what a difference! The woman in the video has such painful looking acne. How wonderful it is that she has the talent to apply makeup so professionally, quickly, and beautifully. May God bless her to continue to encourage other women that beauty is on the inside – and pretty makeup don’t make you who you really are.


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