We Get By with a Little Help From Our Friends

“God is cleaning the upper gutters!”


It was the hub, speaking to me through the door-wall screen with sheer delight in his voice.

I was intrigued, mainly because that’s not the sort of thing the hub usually says.

Why such delight?  Last week he pulled tons of helicopters – and some newly sprouted mini maple trees -out of the screens that cover the gutters on our lower roof. But the upper roof requires the really long extension ladder and, with my broken foot, I cannot hold it for him. Now that he’s older and less steady, he’s not wild about going to the top of that ladder to begin with, and definitely not without a spotter. So the upper screens would just have to wait.

And then the other day he was on the deck when he heard rustling and fluttering. He saw helicopters whirling around him, spinning to the ground, landing in a line running along the back of the house. He looked up at the large maple tree, no wind rustling the branches to shake the seeds loose.

He looked up at the roof. Suddenly a little head popped up from the gutter. Then another, and another. Four little heads were plucking the helicopters from the screen and flinging them to the ground.

It seems God sent four of His best feathered helpers to finish the job.

Thanks God!


7 thoughts on “We Get By with a Little Help From Our Friends

  1. HAHAHA! That’s great. Was thinking about you this morning when waking up for church and hope you and “hub” had a great morning. Yes, the scenario you describe sounds like us, me being the one on the bottom getting the bits of sludge on me when the “hub” doesn’t check the trajectory….that was before the guttering screens. Sorry about your foot!! Just had my appendix out–while on vacation! Just rest up!


  2. Alma Mater says:

    This is great! And I can totally relate.

    God cleared away my snowbanks for me with a windstorm last winter. It was amazing. My husband was away for about 6 weeks in Feb/March, and we were pelted with snow almost every day. I was out there shoveling the driveway, pregnant and panting with the still-unbeknownst-to-me heart condition. The banks on either side of the driveway were getting almost as tall as I am, and one day I finally just broke down crying. I was exhausted, out of breath, and I didn’t know how I was going to manage any more. The next morning, the banks had been blown low. It hadn’t been cold enough for the snow to really freeze and get hard packed, so the winds were able to just sweep it off the banks and spread it out across the yard. I had a clean slate to start building new snowbanks on the side of the driveway for the rest of the winter. Such a blessing, and with such perfect timing. Thanks, God!

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