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Takin’ it to the Porch


My beautiful sister, Laura, will be discharged from the hospital today, hospice has been arranged.

Her daughter flew in yesterday, two weeks ahead of their planned visit, her son came home from college.

Our youngest sister is making her way back from Alaska.

Tomorrow I’ll take food, love, God and prayers, and leave my tears at home.

All six of us sisters will begin to gather, moving in and out from her large porch into her house, to be near and out of the way, as needed.  We’ll gather around her.  We’ll gather around her brokenhearted husband and children.  We’ll gather around her sweet dogs. We’ll gather around our mom. We’ll gather around one another.

Hard days are ahead.


39 thoughts on “Takin’ it to the Porch

    • Thank you for your prayers and for your kindness, Alma. My sister is not a church-goer, but she has a strong faith in God and she has many Christian friends who have supported her through her battle.

      P.S. I really like your new gravatar photo. Very cute!


      • Alma Mater says:

        I’ll be praying for peace and strength for her, and for all of you. Let me know if there is anything specifically you would like prayers for. I’d really like to pray into her kids’ lives.

        P.S. Thanks!


        • Thank you Alma. Laura had a good talk with her daughter, Melissa, and she has peace. Her son, EJ, has been very quiet and seems to be having a hard time. Of course he is. Please ask the Lord to speak to his heart, comfort him and help him see that it is going to be okay.


          • Alma Mater says:

            Yes, I will pray especially for EJ. This touches my heart so much, it’s easy to remember to pray for him. I’m praying for your eye too, for the results to come back benign.


              • Alma Mater says:

                Yes, I guess it does hit close to home. I am feeling good (much better than when I was pregnant, it’s like night and day), but the doc says it is a matter of time now. I will gradually get worse and worse, and when it gets debilitating again, I will need a valve repair/replacement. They tell me it will be in a year or two. So that’s scary, but I know it’s in God’s hands. I am praying for me to have a healthy outcome if it’s His Will, and for my husband and children to be drawn very close to Him if it’s not.

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    • Thank you Lily. I have heard many wonderful things about hospice and I am grateful that they will be ministering to her and to us. I’m so sorry that your mom needs them, too. Bless her and bless you.

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  1. andih94 says:

    My prayers are with you. It sounds like your sister is in wonderful hands in the heart of your family. May God bless you all with peace and laughter and joy together in the time you have left together.

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  2. She truly is beautiful! Good to see that smile regardless of all she’s been through. I’m glad you are leaving tears behind. Please give her more reasons to be happy, It is tough, I know. But I will uphold you and your sisters in prayers plus her family too.
    In the meanwhile, do give her a hug from me and two for you 🙂 and post your pix of the visit when you get there. I’ll check it up.

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  3. in567 says:

    Your sis looks beautiful! I had been wondering about chopping off my long hair. If I’d look half as pretty as your sis does, I wouldn’t have wondered, and would have cut my hair already. Beautiful photo!


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